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Staffing Patterns

Staffing patterns, which are published in conjunction with the occupational projections, provide detailed information on which occupations are employed in each industry sector/sub-sector (and the reverse). Data is available for the State of Iowa and by Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) region.

Note: For optimal experience we recommend using the Google Chrome browser (download here). For assistance in navigating the Tableau visualization below, visit the Tableau Guide.

Staffing Patterns Data Tool

Current data can be viewed and explored in the Tableau visualization below. The default view shows the detailed (6-digit) occupations most employed within all industries in the State of Iowa. You can narrow this view by first selecting which level of industry you are interested in analyzing with drop-down #2: detailed occupation or major group (sub-sector or sector). When you select a sector (or sub-sector) from drop-down #2, the chart and table will update to show the occupations most frequently employed within that industry. Use drop-down #3 if you want to search occupations differently and/or if you're looking for specific occupations within the industry. The Industries by Occupation tab (accessible at the top of the dashboard) can be used similarly to search for which industries employ a specific occupation. The data is also available in a CSV file. Click the button below to download the file.

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