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Registered Apprenticeship Program


For job seekers, becoming a Registered Apprentice means you’re on the path to a rewarding career where you’ll earn a paycheck from day one - your chance to earn and learn. For businesses, starting a Registered Apprenticeship Program means you’ll build a talented workforce equipped with the skills that specifically fit your company.

Registered Apprenticeship programs are valuable models to recruit and develop well-trained workers in highly-skilled occupations.

Employers can use Registered Apprenticeships as an effective human resources strategy to recruit quality candidates, train employees to the specific needs of employers, and retain a highly-skilled workforce. Registered Apprenticeships can also be used to upskill the current workforce and to accelerate the productivity of new hires. Through the use of standardized training curricula employers can ensure their employees have a comprehensive understanding of both the practical and theoretical components for particular occupations. Registered Apprentices are provided with opportunities for incremental wage increases, industry-recognized credentials, and a definitive career path.

New industries are offering opportunities including: information technology, financial services, healthcare, transportation, energy, advanced manufacturing, and hospitality. A Registered Apprenticeship is an appropriate option for all job seekers including women, minorities, youth, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Visit to further explore Registered Apprenticeship opportunities in Iowa or to learn more about Registered Apprenticeships from the Department of Labor.

The State of Iowa continues work to expand Registered Apprenticeship as a rewarding career option for Iowans and as a talent development program for employers.   To keep track and monitor progress of Registered Apprenticeship in Iowa, Iowa Workforce Development acquires quarterly data extracts from the U.S. Department of Labor.  This data is used to track growth on a variety of topics: demographics, industry, occupation, programs, employment, and wages.  Many of the insights into these topics are covered in Iowa's Registered Apprenticeship Programs Report.

For more info on Registered Apprenticeship in Iowa view: Iowa's Registered Apprenticeship Programs Report 2020


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