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Labor Market Information: Resources

The following are additional resources that aren't specific to one of the content areas on the labor market information (LMI) website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The FAQ page contains answers to frequently asked questions for many LMI programs and products.

News Releases & Announcements

The News Releases & Announcements section of the LMI home page contains short articles outlining the most recent changes and updates to the LMI website.

Outside Resources

The Outside Resources page is an inventory of links to external websites that contain useful information that is not published by the Iowa Labor Market Information Division.

Site Guide

The LMI Site Guide explains the data and publications available on the LMI website. A printable PDF version is also available.

Special Publications

The LMI Special Publications page contains reports and guides that aren't specific to one of the LMI website's four content areas (Indicators, Industry, Occupation, Research).

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Tableau Guide

The Tableau Guide includes helpful tips and tricks to assist in interacting with Tableau, which is a data visualization platform that many pages on the LMI website utilize.